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What are EDP Solar Energy Solutions?

EDP Solar Energy Solutions in self-consumption allow you to produce and consume electricity in your home, generated by the sun.

These systems are composed by photovoltaic solar panels and other equipment that allow you to capture energy from the sun and convert it into electricity. The electricity generated is used for your home consumptions and the surplus is injected into the electricity grid.

What are EDP Solar Energy Solutions?

The EDP Solar Energy Solutions include counselling, supply and installation of a photovoltaic solar energy system for self-consumption, estimated taking into consideration the household consumptions of each client. We offer a wide range of systems, from 1 to 6 panels, in case of three-phase installations, and from 1 to 10 panels in single-phase installations.

Besides the equipment, EDP Solar Energy Solutions include transport and installation of the solar system and the possibility of joining, free of charge, the solar energy plan with 10% discount on the electricity consumed from the grid at night and edp re:dy, whith a special adhesion price of 19,90€ with offer of the first 12 months of service.

Learn more here.

What are the advantages and what should I know to produce my own energy?

Everyone with an electricity installation connected to the public grid that owns an electricity supply contract can produce solar energy.

What are the advantages of producing electricity in self-consumption?

- You can produce your own energy that will allow you to reduce your electricity bill

- You can pay for your solar system in 36 monthly payments, with no down payment

- We estimate the recommended system for your home, in order to obtain a system suitable for you, through the online solar energy simulator at our website

- A turnkey service, with high-quality equipment and first line warranties

- Support and experience of a company that has installed thousands of solar systems in Portugal

- Clean renewable energy production, contributing to the sustainability of our planet

Where can I install the EDP Solar Energy system?

The solar system can be installed in any space without shades: on the ground, in the backyard, on a terrace or on the roof. Each panel needs about 2 m2 of space.

What is the ideal number of solar panels for my home?

Our solar energy solutions are customized. Through a simulator in our website, we identify the best solution for you based on your household consumptions and production profile.
After the simulation, you will receive by e-mail a report with the recommended system for your case. In this report you can see how many solar panels are right for you and how much you can save.

What happens to electricity that is not consumed?

The electricity surplus can be injected into the Public Service Electricity Network (RESP) or stored in batteries, if you choose to buy a solar system with batteries. If you want to sell the energy that will be injected into the grid, you will have to install some additional equipment and establish an electricity sale contract with the Last Resource Supplier (EDP Serviço Universal), with a term of 10 years, renewable for periods of 5 years.

Is it possible to have eletricity in the absence of sun?

In case of lack of sun or insufficient electricity production, you can use the energy stored in your batteries or the electricity from the grid, regardless of your electricity supplier.

How much do solar panels cost and how much can I save?

You can have you EDP solar energy system from 19,90€/ month (installation and VAT included). The price varies depending on the size of the solar system.

How much do solar panels cost?

You can have you EDP solar energy system from 19,90€ per month (installation and VAT included). However, the price varies depending on the size of the solar system. We offer a wide range of systems, from 1 to 6 panels, in case of three-phase installations, and from 1 to 10 panels in single-phase installations.

Calculate your solution now and learn more about EDP Solar Energy Solutions.

See here the general conditions of the supply contract of EDP Solar Energy.

Can I pay the solar energy system in monthly fees?

You can pay your EDP Solar Energy system in 36 monthly payments, with no down payment, regardless of your energy supplier. This payment method is available to systems up to 6 solar panels, single-phase and three-phase installations.

Are there any taxes associated to the sef-consumed energy?

Presently there are no taxes on the self-consumed solar energy. However, in the current legislation it is considered that Production Units for Self-Consumption (UPAC) with power above 1.5 kW and with an installation connected to the Public Utility Electricity Network (RESP) have to pay a compensation.

This compensation is only due when the national installed power of production units for self-consumption exceeds 1% of the total power installed in the National Electrical System (SEN) and is only valid for new systems installed. In other words, this compensation is not applicable for the clients that already have systems installed in a moment where the representation is below 1% of the total SEN's installed power.

When 1% of the total power is reached, the compensation is due on the new Production Units for Self-Consumption (UPACs) installed accordingly to the following terms:

- 30% of the Economic Costs of General Interest (CIEG), as long as the UPACs' accumulated power does not exceed 3% of the SEN's installed power;


- 50% of the CIEG, when the UPACs' accumulated power exceeds 3% of the SEN's installed power.

In the Decree Law 153/2014 you may consult the detailed formula for this compensation's calculation.

The monthly compensation to be paid is fixed when the UPAC starts operating and has a duration of 10 years, depending on the UPAC's installed power.

How much can I save?

All the energy you will consume from your solar system will no longer be purchased from your supplier. That is, what you will gain from the solar energy you consume is the tariff you pay to your electricity provider + VAT.

The savings in your electricity bill can reach 20%. If you have a simple hourly option (0,15 € / kWh), by consuming your solar energy and not buying from your supplier you will earn 0,185 € (0,15 € + VAT) for each kWh. If you choose the dual-part tariff or three-part tariff, the savings will be the price of energy during sunny hours.

If the solar system produces in excess (i.e. the energy produced exceeds the energy consumed) and you  decide to sell this electricity to the Public Service Electricity Network (RESP), the electricity surplus injected into the grid will be remunerated at the average price of the Operator of the Iberian Energy Market, deducted by 10%.

We estimate that the final selling value is on average between 0,04 € and 0,05 € per kWh, which represents about 25% of the value that you will effectively earn from self-consuming energy. You can find the detail of the formula in the Decree-Law 153/2014.

Calculate here how much you can save or contact us by phone on 808 91 43 72 (business days, from 8am to 8pm).

What is the return-on-investment period for client?

The EDP Solar Energy solution's return-on-investment period varies according to the profile consumption of each client. However, in general terms, the return-on-investment period is between 5 and 10 years. In this context, it is essential to adjust the size of the solar system to each consumption profile, in order to guarantee the shortest period for the return-on-investment.

I would like to join EDP Solar Energy Solutions. What should I do?

We take care of the whole process for you in order to ensure that the system is installed in the best conditions of safety and performance.

Just contact us on 808 91 43 72 (business days, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.), we can clarify all your questions and advise the best solution for you. The value of your EDP Solar Energy system includes equipment, transportation and installation by qualified technicians.

Can I join?

Everyone who owns an electricity supply contract with EDP Comercial can join EDP Solar Energy Solutions.

How do I deal with the registration, inspection and exploration certificate?

EDP can support you in all the process of your system registration, inspection and licensing. Find below the requirements needed, depending on the system installed power:

- Below 200W: there is no need for communicating or registering the system;

- Between 200W and equal or less than 1.5 kW: you only need to communicate previously your system in the electronic system for registration (SERUP);

- Between 1.5 kW and 1 MW: you need to start a process for registration, inspection and exploration certificate;

- Above 1MW: a license of production and exploration. You can register more than one photovoltaic solar system, provided that each registration corresponds to an installation with an electricity supply contract in your name.

What warranties come whit EDP Solar Energy Solutions?

- Photovoltaic panels: 10 year warranty against manufacturing faults and a minimum maintenance of 80% of the power for 25 years

- Inverters: 10 year warranty against manufacturing faults, for systems up to 6 panels, and 5 years for systems with more than 6 panels

- 2 year warranty on all the other equipment and installation works

Do I need any type os insurance to solar panels?

- The Decree Law 153/2014 states the need of contracting a liability insurance for the system. However, the specific conditions to its insurance will still be defined in an order to be published by the government.

- Beyond that, optionally, you can contract a solar system insurance to protect external risks and breakdowns.

What are the main differences between Self-Consumption (UPACs) and Small Production Units (UPPs)?

In Production Units for Self-Consumption (UPACs) the solar energy is produced first to supply the house to which is associated, and only the excess energy is injected into the electric grid. In the case of Small Production Units (UPPs) all the produced energy is injected into the grid.

Production units for self-consumption (UPACs)

In UPACs, the client's earns are obtained through the energy produced by the solar system that replaces the electricity that would have been supplied by the energy supplier. Additionally and if one wants to earn from the excess injected into the grid he may do so.

There is no limit for the installed power, however the maximum installed power cannot be higher than the contracted power for that consumption unit.

Small production units (UPPS)

In the case of UPPs, the earnings come from supplying all the energy to the grid for a specific tariff valid for 15 years. This system results from a bidding process foreseen in the Decree Law 153/2014.

In the case of UPPs a maximum limit of attributed power is defined taking into consideration the contracted power for that consumption unit. The power of the photovoltaic solar system cannot exceed  250 kW.

What are the differences between Self-consumption and Microgeneration and what is the legal frameworks of EDP Solar Energy Solutions?

Under the new legislation (Decree Law 153/2014), electricity produced in self-consumption should be used to supply the household consumption and it is only injected to the electric grid the excess of production (surplus).

Both EDP Solar Energy Solutions and the former EDP Microgeneration are aimed to produce electricity from solar sources, through the installation of photovoltaic solar panels.

Under the previous legislation, in EDP Microgeneration (now UPPs) all the electricity produced had to be sold directly to the public grid, at a pre-defined tariff.

What is the EDP Solar Energy Plan?

EDP Solar Energy plan is specific for customers who join EDP Solar Energy Solutions EDP until the end of 2018. With this plan, EDP Solar Energy client’s will have 10% discount on the electricity consumed from the grid at night.

EDP Solar Energy Plan is a specific plan for customers who join EDP Solar Energy Solutions EDP until the end of 2018. With this plan, EDP Solar Energy client’s will have 10% discount on the electricity consumed from the grid at night. In the case of dual or three part tariff plans, this plan is only applicable to consumption during empty hours. This plan is valid until December 31, 2019.

See here the new solar energy plans and the respective standardized sheets: Gas and electricity and Electricity.

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