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EDP Solutions

Produce your own energy

And reduce your electric bill with EDP Solar Energy

The most suitable solution to produce and save your solar energy

The solar energy system will allow you to produce and consume instantaneously your own energy and reduce the grid’s consumption.

Reduce up to 20% of your energy bill (1) more efficiently.

(1) 20% savings on the full bill (contracted power and energy consumed in electricity and does not include the value of taxes and charges), calculated based on the solar simulator at edp.pt (considering in this example a client in Lisbon, with a € 75 to € 100 bill, 5.75 kVA, dual-part tariff, which is at home during the week and weekend, and on average 2 weeks away from home). It does not preclude consultation of EDP Comercial's conditions for energy supply contracts and EDP Solar Energy solutions.

(2) EDP Solar Energy Solutions exclusive for residential customers with EDP Comercial supply energy contract. Payment in 36 monthly fees on the energy bill, available for systems up to 6 panels. Available for contracted powers up to 41.4 kVA, with any hourly option.


See here the general conditions of the supply contract of EDP Solar Energy.

Starting from 19,90€/month - EDP Solar Energy

What is included

in your EDP Solar Energy Solution

What is included- EDP Solar Energy
Equipment warranty - EDP Solar Energy

Exclusive offers with your

EDP Solar Energy Solutions

Receive edp re:dy with your solar system for all control, comfort and warranty

  • Monitor the production of your solar energy system
  • Receive an alert in case your solar energy system stops producing
  • Get to know the energy consumptions of your home

(1) edp re:dy solar kit, for an adhesion value of €19.90 (exclusive with EDP Solar Energy) and offer of 12 monthly payments. Initial contract of 1 month, with monthly renewals after the initial period. Offer valid for residential clients of EDP Solar Energy solutions, until the end of 2017, available for BTN contracted power up to 41.4 kVA. It is necessary to have a permanent Internet access at the installation location, as well as email. The internet router must also have a LAN network port available for connecting the edp re:dy box.

Receive edp re:dy with your solar system - EDP Solar Energy
edp re:dy allows me to have a bigger control and management of what is on, to manage my consumptions at home and to monitor the energy generated by the solar panels.
Nuno Tavares, Lisboa

EDP Solar Energy + Batteries

Now it is possible to produce and store your own energy

The ideal solution for those who want to be even more sustainable

With EDP Solar Energy plus Batteries, it is possible to produce and consume momentarily your own electricity, or store it for later in case of excess of production. So, you can save till 50% of your bill.


If you already have a Solar Energy System in self-consumption, it is possible to add the battery for longer autonomy.

(1) Payment in monthly fees on the energy bill. EDP Solar Energy Solutions is exclusive for residential customers with EDP Comercial supply energy contract.

Now it is possible to produce and store your own energy - EDP Solar Energy + Batteries

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