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Solar Energy

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Join the thousands of customers who are already saving with EDP Solar Energy

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Number of clients:

  • 1600 - 2000
  • 1200 - 1600
  • 800 - 1200
  • 400 - 800
  • 0 - 400



  • Electric bill reduction

  • Annual savings per client



  • Electric bill reduction

  • Annual savings per client

Check the impact of solar production in best months:

Standard months of solar production

Best months of solar production

Check the impact of the best months of solar energy production: The values of grid consumption reduction and of annual savings are based in EDP Comercial’s solar energy customers base by the end of 2017, considering the monthly average and 90 percentil regarding the months of regular solar energy production and the months of best solar energy production, respectively. Values in-between are calculated with linear distribution. EDP Comercial does not grand results of the solar system. Simulate you solution here.

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