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Solar Energy

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Starting from
20€/Month (1)
(36 months with
no down
Simulador Energia Solar - EDP
Potência Contratada - EDP
Tarifa Contratada - EDP

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(1) EDP Solar Energy solutions for residential clients, exclusive for clients with an energy supply contract with EDP Comercial. It allows monthly payments in the electricity bill only available to systems up to 6 panels.

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Desconto 10% eletricidade à noite - Energia Solar EDP

Now you can also save at night

In addition to saving during the day with solar production, you receive a 10% discount on the electricity you consume from the grid at night.

Learn more about the solar energy tariffs:

Examples of Typical Clients

Solar Energy - Typical Clients - EDP Solar Energy - Typical Clients - EDP

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