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EDP Solar Energy

EDP Solar Energy System with Batteries

Energy flow

Learn how EDP Solar Energy Solutions with batteries work:

1 - Capture of solar energy
2 - Immediate consumption of that energy
3 - Store energy in the battery in case of excess of production
4 - If the battery is full, injection of the excess of production in the grid
5 - Consumption of the energy stored in the battery
6 - Consumption of the remaining energy from the grid

fluxos energia

Know the main equipment

1- Photovoltaic panels
Capture and produce energy

2- Inverters
Transform the energy so that it can be used in the house

3- Lithium Batteries
It can store solar energy in case of excess of production

4 - Connection to the electrical installation (1)
It allows energy injection at home, directly from panels or via battery

Batteries - What's the purpose?

Answer to the mismatch between production and consumption hours. Thus, it is possible to store the excess of production during the day to consume at night.

Example of a 24 hour curve of production and consumption

Lithium Batteries


Our solutions include lithium batteries with the latest energy storage technology, to ensure the best quality and performance. 

Baterias de lítio Energia Solar | EDP

Examples of typical clients

Energia Solar - Clientes Típicos - EDP - Particulares Energia Solar - Clientes Típicos - EDP - Particulares

Get to know some of the frequently asked questions

Daily production (e.g. 10 panels)

Daily production (e.g. 10 panels)

a - Maximum instant production 
This value is always inferior to the installed power.
This is normal and expected, and depends of factors such as injection power, climate conditions, and associated losses of the installation.
This was taken into account in the calculations presented.

b - Daily production curve
The production curve will depend on climate conditions and on the installation place and characteristics, such as the orientation of the system.

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