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After subscribing to edp re:dy, we will contact you to verify your order and Schedule the installation. Check here the terms and conditions to subscribe.

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    Terms and conditions:

    Edp re:dy is exclusive for EDP clients with energy supply contract with EDP Comercial, with contracted power in BTN of up to 41,4 kVA.

    The peripherals price (initial value) and its first monthly installment will be paid in the first bill. The following fees will be paid  in the subsequent energy bills. There is a 1 month retention period. Promotional conditions are valid for subscriptions until December 31st, 2018.

    After subscribing to edp re:dy,  edp will check if the place has the right technical conditions for the installation, and, if the necessary conditions are not met, there will be no charge.

    You must have fixed internet connection on the installation site and the internet router must have a LAN port available, in order to connect with edp re:dy box.

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