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Social Investment

EDP Group promotes and supports social, cultural and environmental initiatives with the aim of contributing to the sustainable development of the societies in which operates. Therefore, the company voluntarily promotes programs with the community, in an effort to establish and strengthen continuous and lasting relationships based on dialogue and mutual benefit.

EDP Group’s Social Investment Policy, is the guiding document setting out the strategy, references and four priority objectives for the activity:

> Promote access to culture and art and protect cultural heritage;

> Promote social inclusion and the adoption of sustainable ways of living, enhancing energy inclusion and access to energy;

> Protect natural heritage and biodiversity;

> Promote energy efficiency, renewable energy and decarbonization.

In the scope of its voluntary investment, EDP contributes mainly to three United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Goal 11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities

Goal 13 - Climate Action

Goal 15 – Life on Land
 See the overall EDP’s commitment with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals


Social investment is an integral part of the targets and commitments set out under EDP’s 2020 Goals.  Therefore EDP Group commits to achieve the following targets for Social Investment.


The Social Investment goals are implemented giving priority to strategic axes. Through EDP’s Foundations and the various business units, proprietary and collaborative programs are developed with the Third Sector, that enhance corporate volunteering, mobilizing the skills of business units and employees, and promoting multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Education and awareness are essential means of achieving the goals, as well as the development of programs for local communities in the influence areas of the producing centers, in the distribution concession areas and in the client communities.

Volunteering is a fundamental pillar of the EDP Group's relationship with the communities and, at the same time, the development and motivation of its employees.

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EDP measures its voluntary contributions to the community through the LBG (Measuring Community Investment) methodology.

In 2016, EDP's global voluntary investment contributed to the development of 591 projects, bringing them to a total investment value of 26.8 million euros.