Safety Management

EDP, over the years, has adopted the model and principles established in the OHSAS 18001:2007 standard - Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems specifications.  

This assumption requires the documentation, implementation and maintenance of the following main processes:

> Hazards identification, risk assessment and operational control;

> Identify legal requirements and other applicable and evaluate compliance;

> Establishing annual safety objectives and programs for their implementatio

> Defining safety resources, roles, responsibility, accountability and authority;

> Competence, training and awareness;

> Communication, participation and consultation of workers;

> Emergency preparedness and response;

> Incident (accidents and near misses) and nonconformity investigations and correspondent corrective and preventive actions;

> Internal audits; 

In this context, and taking into account the variety of facilities and generation centres that exist in the Group, the management model implemented was the development of a Corporate Safety Management System (CSMS) and at the same time local management systems (associated with each company and unit in the Group). The consistency between both is ensured by means of internal audits.

The CSMS strengthens the principle that safety matters - meaning safety, hygiene and health in the workplace - are managed according to common and agreed criteria in EDP Group companies.
The links between the CSMS and the management of health and safety at the companies may be illustrated in the following way: