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Occupational Health and Safety

A better future, EDP's commitment.

Occupational health and safety are a priority at EDP. This is why ZERO ACCIDENTS is the only possible target for those working at EDP and for our services providers.

But this is not just a statistical target. It is a matter of respect for people, family and society. We therefore want safety to continue to be one of the highest values at EDP.

We are demanding in our standards and are always seeking to improve. We want EDP to hold a cutting-edge position in accident prevention, in the conviction that sustainable development is more and more a factor of competitiveness these days.

EDP's safety policy is a commitment. It applies to all Group companies, which are responsible for disseminating it to their employees, partners, suppliers and all who work with us.

But for us to be able to this, we need the active involvement of everyone working for EDP. Because, where accidents are concerned, only ZERO is good enough!


António Mexia
Chairman of the Executive Board of Directors