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Stakeholder engagement in the EDP Group is a strategic priority for the maintenance of an open and transparent dialogue between the Company and its stakeholders. EDP's objectives are to build and strengthen relationships of trust, to share knowledge and relevant information, to anticipate challenges and to identify new opportunities for cooperation with our stakeholders.

The new model of segmentation of the EDP Group stakeholders, approved in 2013 by the Executive Board of EDP, expresses how the Company views and groups the most relevant stakeholders in four stakeholder areas:

Value Chain
> Market
> Democracy
> Social and Territorial Environment

Value Chain includes employees, trade unions, suppliers, the scientific community, customers, consumer associations and business associations.

Market includes competitors, financial institutions, shareholders and investors.
Represented in Democracy are regulatory bodies, Parliament, political parties and international institutions.

And lastly, in Social and Territorial Environment we have NGOs, local communities, local authorities, the media and opinion leaders.

This model, which identifies and maps the key stakeholders of EDP, takes account of the nature of the stakeholders (whether they are public or private), of their territorial nature (whether they are regional, national or supranational) and their segmentation (whether they are part of the production and distribution chain, the value chain), whether they relate to markets, public policy and regulatory rules and practices, or the forms of organization and power of influence and decision in the exercise of their role in the EDP corporate model.