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Stakeholder Relationship Policy

The Stakeholder Relations Policy establishes the commitments assumed by the EDP Group in its Stakeholder Engagement Model and the principles of transparency and open dialogue that must guide the relationship.

The four major Guiding Principles: Understanding, Communicating, Trusting and Cooperating - underpin a Policy that aims to go beyond mere compliance with the formal requirements of the legislation, thereby contributing to an effective and genuine engagement of the Group's various stakeholders, creating value for all the parties involved in every geography.

We proactively and systematically identify the stakeholders that influence and are influenced by the Company, and we analyze and seek to understand their expectations and interests in the decisions that directly affect them.

We are committed to promoting a two-way dialogue with stakeholders through information and consultation.
We listen to, inform and respond to stakeholders in a consistent, clear, rigorous and transparent manner, with the objective of building close, strong and durable relationships.
We believe that the encouragement of a climate of trust with our stakeholders is crucial to establishing stable and long term relationships.
Our relationship with stakeholders is based on values such as transparency, integrity and mutual respect.
Our ambition is to cooperate with stakeholders in building strategic partnerships that assemble and share knowledge, skills and tools, thus promoting the creation of shared value in a different way.