Electricity Museum

The Electricity Museum opened to the public in May 2006 as a reflection of a more up-to-date concept of a museum. Associated with its primary vocation as a repository of the past is an area that is also designed to show the present and discuss the future of energy.

The Tejo Power Station is one of Lisbon's architectural landmarks and boasts a façade of undeniable beauty. In its day it was a real pioneer in electricity generation. Today, almost a century since it was built, the power station has again taken on innovative aspects and a prominent position as an Electricity Museum.

The main part of the permanent exhibition is the power station itself, i.e. all the equipment making up the old generating unit, which is still all there today. The exhibition endeavours to give visitors a clear idea of the way Lisbon's old thermoelectric plant worked, identifying its different components and explaining how it operated.

Museu da Electricidade

The museum has also been enhanced with other permanent sections on energy-related themes.
An area devoted to the different energy sources, with particular focus on renewable energies:


  • An exhibition about the scientists who contributed most to the discovery and development of electricity
  • Models of the whole electricity generation, transmission and distribution process
  • "Experimenting", a section in which visitors can try out some electrical phenomena for themselves. 

    The Electricity Museum also has an education service that organises guided tours and experimental sessions for basic and secondary schools to fit in with their syllabuses.

     Museu de Electricidade