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Environmental Policy

We consider that proactive environmental management generates value and constitutes the duty of any socially responsible company.

Our ambition in the international setting in which we operate is to be leaders and a benchmark in environmental management of business and in stakeholder involvement in the promotion and implementation of good practices in this field.
We foster a corporate culture in which the initiatives and activities making up our business are consistent with environmental responsibility and we encourage innovation and continuous improvement in products, services and environmental performance. As a result, our organisational culture embraces the following values and guidelines:
> Incorporate respect for the environment and management of environmental aspects in all phases of business processes throughout the value chain and ensure that everyone involved, including suppliers, has the necessary, adequate skills for the purpose.

> Base relations with the authorities and other stakeholders on ethical principles of transparency, honesty and integrity.

> Constantly improve environmental performance, especially in the prevention of pollution and minimisation of its impacts.

> Comply with the requirements of applicable environmental legislation as well as other, voluntary commitments.

> Manage environmental risks in order to eliminate or minimise the negative impacts of our activities both in normal circumstances and in the event of emergencies, accidents or disasters.

> Manage the impact on biodiversity of our business activities and seek an overall positive balance in this field.

> Foster the use of renewable energy sources and the best technologies in order to preserve natural resources and reduce and prevent pollution.
> Promote energy efficiency and the rational use of energy as one of the main options compatible with the sustainable use of resources.

> Consider stakeholders expectations in environmentally relevant processes and their communication.

> Promote knowledge and the dissemination of good practices in the environmental field. 

Approved by the Executive Board of Directors, in March 2009

This Policy applies to companies included in the Group's consolidation perimeter and to the associated companies and partnerships over which the Group has management control. For the remaining associated companies and partnerships, EDP will promote the alignment of the corresponding environmental policies and strategies with the Group's Policy.

This Policy is also applicable to contractors, service providers and agents acting on behalf of EDP Group companies. For all other stakeholders in the supply chain, EDP promotes the application of the best environmental management practices of its suppliers, according to their activities, and their approach to the Group's environmental standards and policies.