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Environmental management

EDP has in place a Corporate Environmental Management System (CEMS) framing the Group's units environmental performance improvement. This system is responsible for "the corporate management of environmental policies and strategic environmental plans, and the environmental information and performance of the EDP Group's organisations".

Certificação: ISO 14001

EDP uses this international standard to promote continuous environmental improvement of all businesses in the countries in which the Group operates.

With this Certification, EDP reinforces its public commitment to include environmental aspects in planning and decision-making at all levels in the value chain, especially with regard to assessing, avoiding, minimizing and, when necessary, compensate negative aspects of its activities.


This CEMS is complemented with site environmental certification, either in accordance with 14001: 2004 or in accordance with the Community Environmental Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS).

By the end of 2016, EDP had achieved ISO 14001 certification for 93% of the maximum net installed power for electricity production, and 41% of the Distribution activity. 

Under its 2020 Sustainability Goals, EDP has set an operational commitment to achieve 100% of all operations certified in accordance to the best Environmental standards available worldwide. 







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