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Renewable Energies

EDP is one of the world's largest wind energy company, and operates in 12 countries.

In a world undergoing a paradigm shift in terms of the energy sector:
> global energy consumption is increasing;
> the cost of fuels and CO2 is rising;
> climate change is seen as a global challenge,
EDP is commited to a sustainable strategy in which the use of renewable energy sources, along with the promotion of energy efficiency plays a key role. Proving it is the commitment made at the end of 2015, contributing to the increase in renewable electricity generation, exceeding 75% of installed capacity in 2020.
Investments carried out in the last decade on renewable energy, including wind farms, solar and hydroelectric powerplants, led EDP to a position of leadership in this area. The installed capacity in renewable energy nearly tripled between 2005 and 2015 (from 5.9 GW to 17.1 GW), now representing about 71% of the total capacity of EDP Group, against 48% in 2005. Over the next five years, EDP will strengthen its focus on renewables and is expeted to exceed the undertaken target in 2020.

The chart shows the evolution of installed capacity between 2005 and 2015, broken down by technology:


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