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EDP Group’s Biodiversity Policy

With the implementation of its Biodiversity Policy, EDP is contributing to the world's objective of reducing biodiversity loss due to human activity.

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In particular, EDP:

> Is aware of the sensitivity of natural ecosystems and of the pressures that these are subject to, as well as of the intrinsic value of the initiatives aimed at protecting biodiversity;

> Has significant experience in minimising the impact on biodiversity resulting from its activities;

> Wants to have an even more active role in the conservation of biodiversity and its promotion.

EDP deems biodiversity to be integrated in the management of its companies. The objective is to achieve an overall positive impact on biodiversity.
To that end, EDP is committed to:

1. Integrate the biodiversity impact assessment in all phases of its activities: project design, construction, operation and dismantlement of its energy generation and distribution infrastructures;
2. Minimise any negative impact on biodiversity arising from its activities, and promote positive impacts. When any negative impact cannot be prevented, EDP will implement consensual compensation measures, which allows the achievement of a globally positive biodiversity balance sheet;
3. Contribute to broadening scientific knowledge on the different aspects of biodiversity, in particular by supporting institutions selected in a transparent manner and in accordance with superior technical capability criteria;
4. Strengthen dialogue and partnerships on biodiversity issues with public or private entities;
5. Regularly and transparently report on its performance in relation to biodiversity, under the revision of independent bodies, and promote regular consultation to the different stakeholders, on this issue.
Executive Board of Directors
June 2007