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Biodiversity for EDP

Reducing biodiversity loss, resulting from human activity, is one of today’s greatest challenges. International studies identify biodiversity as the most pressing area in need for intervention, alongside with climate change. The loss of biodiversity has accelerated in the last 50 years and the various scenarios studied by the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment indicate that this loss will continue, or even speed up.


In the long term, EDP aims to contribute to an overall positive balance of impacts on Biodiversity and commits not to construct new generation facilities in areas contained in the UNESCO World Heritage List - Natural Sites. 

The world has set ambitious targets to halt biodiversity degradation framed in:

● the Sustainable Development Goals aimed for 2030;

● the Convention on Biological Diversity Strategic Plan for the period of 2011 to 2020, known as the ‘Aichi Biodiversity Targets’;

● the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2020.

EDP adopted a Corporate Biodiversity Policy in 2007 targeting an overall positive balance of impacts on biodiversity. The strategy in place is focused on:

● Supporting knowledge development;

● Managing impacts according to an ecosystem approach;

● Setting a long-term vision;

● Increasing transparency of reporting.
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