CDP is a non-profit non-governmental organisation that holds the world’s largest database on the impact of corporate climate change.

The 2016 evaluation carried out by CDP has once again awarded the company the top rating - A List. This status is achieved by only 10% of around 2,000 companies assessed by this organisation. This non-governmental agency assesses the transparency and the performance in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and mitigating the risks of climate change. 

Currently, more than 800 investors representing 100 trillion US dollars in assets are seeking information on climate change, water and forests through the voluntary responses of companies to CDP.

About CDP:
CDP is a non-profit non-governmental organisation and has the largest data base in the world on corporate management of the risk of climate change, water and forests. CDP was founded in 2000 to gather and publish high-quality information on atmospheric emissions for investors, companies and governments. The information is obtained every year from companies' answers to a questionnaire. Since its formation, the CDP's methodology has become the standard for reporting data on CO2 emissions, and is the main provider of information on climate change to the global market. Apart from CDP - Climate, companies may also voluntarily answer to CDP - Water and CDP - Forests questionnaires.

To read EDP's response to CDP - Water, click here (PDF).
EDP responded to CDP:
CDP Climate Change 2016

/pt/sustentabilidade/ambiente/alteracoesclimaticas/CarbonDisclosure/EDPDocuments/CDP%20Climate%20Change%202016_EDP.pdf(591 Kb) 
Carbon Disclosure Project 2015


/pt/sustentabilidade/ambiente/alteracoesclimaticas/CarbonDisclosure/EDPDocuments/2015_06_EDP_CDP_v35.pdf(470 Kb) 
Carbon Disclosure Project 2014

EDP answered the CDP questionnaire and obtained a disclosure score of 96 out of 100. In terms of performance, EDP's grade was B, which was the result of a very dry year without much wind in which CO2 emission allowances were sold at very low prices, forcing coal-burning power stations to go into action.

/pt/sustentabilidade/ambiente/alteracoesclimaticas/CarbonDisclosure/EDPDocuments/CDP_2013.pdf(476 Kb) 
Carbon Disclosure Project 2013

/pt/sustentabilidade/ambiente/alteracoesclimaticas/CarbonDisclosure/EDPDocuments/Carbon%20Disclosure%20Project%202013.pdf(530 Kb) 
Carbon Disclosure Project 2012

/pt/sustentabilidade/PublicacoesRelatorios/relatorios/Relatrios%20Sustentabilidade/CDP_%20Carbon%20Disclosure_2011.pdf(660 Kb) 
Carbon Disclosure Project 2011

/pt/sustentabilidade/PublicacoesRelatorios/relatorios/Relatrios%20Sustentabilidade/CDP_2010.pdf(359 Kb) 
Carbon Disclosure Project 2010

/pt/sustentabilidade/PublicacoesRelatorios/relatorios/Relatrios%20Sustentabilidade/Carbon%20Disclose%20Project.pdf(306 Kb) 
/pt/investidores/publicacoes/relatorioecontas/IMG_RC/RC2008_CGS.gif Carbon Disclosure Project 2009

iPaper format,31 Mb) 

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