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Mozambique: Titimane

"Clean Energy Mini-Grids” Initiative in Mozambique


In the scope of UNEP's initiative "Clean Energy Mini-grids", EDP established a partnership to develop cost-effective, decentralized, clean energy applications in isolated off-grid communities. 

Following a screening process, an off-grid village was selected, Titimane, in Mozambique, given its more favorable enabling conditions: strong local partner SAN-JFS, biomass potential and more compact village.

This project creates an opportunity to test a new business model (mini-utility based on fee-for-service) with innovative technologies (solar, storage, biomass, micro-grid, pre-payment) as a first step into a potentially large attractive and unserved market.

The partners established an agreement with the Mozambican Government and in addition to own capitals also obtained external financing from EEP (Energy and Environment Partnership) and OFID/ARE (The OPEC Fund for International Partnership) for the implementation of the project. 

The construction of the mini-grid will begin in 2016 and is expected to start operation in 2017.

This programme is a key contribution to the UN Secretary General’s Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) Initiative and aims to introduce clean energy mini-grids to currently unserved locations.