Sustainability is a priority for EDP and incorporating this concept into the Group’s business is assessed and recognised by our stakeholders.

The commitments the company has assumed and its performance in meeting them have been singled out and recognised by the national and international community, across its different areas of activity.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes

EDP in the Ethisphere Institute ranking

EDP was awarded for the fifth consecutive year as one of the most ethical companies in the world. EDP is the only Portuguese company, of the 131 companies to feature in this international ranking and one of the four electricity utilities globally.

EDP in the European ranking for supporting startups

EDP is ranked 10th in "Europe's 25 Corporate Startup Stars" ranking, led by the Nesta Innovation Foundation and the Startup Europe Partnership, a body created by the European Commission to accelerate the globalisation of European startups. 

EDP among the five best energy brands in the world

EDP was shortlisted for the Charge Energy Branding Awards, in the Best Energy Brand category. The aim of these awards is to draw attention to the need for a strong brand in a fast-changing environment, such as the energy sector.

EDP distinguished for the promotion of equal opportunities in the workplace

EDP was ranked 12th in the first edition of the Thomson Reuters Diversity & Inclusion Index and Ratings (D&I). This analysis evaluates the performance of 4,200 listed companies with regard to respect for diversity in the workplace environment. 

EDP is part of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

EDP is part of the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for the 9th year running, ranking among the top 5 electrical utilities in the world.

EDP is part of Ethibel

EDP is on the Ethibel EXCELLENCE Investment Register and is included in the "Ethibel Sustainability Index Excellence Europe", for demonstrating an above average performance in its sector in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility.

EDP is in the Euronext VIGEO - World 120, Europe 120 and Eurozone 120 sustainability indices

EDP is recognised by VIGEO as one of the best companies in the world in terms of sustainability.

EDP is in the STOXX Global ESG Leaders and STOXX Sustainability indices

These indices produced by STOXX are based on the ESG Research analysis of Sustainalytics (ESG Leaders Indices) and Bank J. Safra Sarasin (STOXX Sustainability Indices).

EDP given Prime Status by OEKOM

OEKOM, an ESG financial analyst, provides sustainability information to financial services companies that manage more than 600 billion euros.

EDP is a member of the FTSE4GOOD Global Index

The methodology used in the evaluation of more than 4,000 companies is based on a set of around 300 indicators grouped into 14 themes across the three ESG pillars (Environmental, Social and Governance). 

EDP is included in the ECPI indices

ECPI is an analyst and financial services provider that scrutinises companies on the basis of public information, through grouped ESG indicators.

EDP is a member of Thomson Reuters CRI Europe ESG Index (TRCRI Europe)

 Thomson Reuters indices measure the performance of more than 4,600 companies, on the basis of more than 225 ESG indicators. The assessment is based on information available in the Thomson Reuters ASSET4 ESG database.

EDP is included in the MSCI ESG Indices

EDP is included in a set of ESG indices by Morgan Stanley Capital International, including the World ESG, Europe ESG, World Low Carbon Leaders and ACWI Low Carbon Leaders indices.

EDP is included in the Platts Index

The Group is in 56th position in the Platts Top 250 - Global Energy Company ranking.

EDP in the CDP - Climate Change

EDP is part of CDP's "A List" - Climate Change, a ranking that includes companies with the maximum rating of A, a status only achieved by 10% of the 2,000 companies evaluated.

EDP in the CDP - Water

EDP is part of the "B List" CDP - Water program, which ranks companies according to their water management strategy, risk assessment and capitalization opportunities in the water domain.

EDP received the Bronze class distinction in the Sustainability Yearbook of 2016

EDP has been a member of RobecoSAM Sustainability Yeabook, since 2007. In 2016, RobecoSAM awarded EDP the Bronze distinction in the Electrical Utilities Industry. This category groups electric utilities whose score is in the range of 5 to 10% of the industry leader score.

António Mexia voted the best Utilities CEO in Europe

A group of analysts at Buy Side voted António Mexia the best CEO in Europe in the Utilities sector in an annual survey by Institutional Investor magazine. Nuno Alves, the EDP Group's Chief Financial Officer and Miguel Viana, Director of Investor Relations, were also recognised. EDP went up 71 places against last year in the overall assessment of listed European companies in all sectors and is now in 20th place.

Re:dy distinguished in the Green Project Awards

The Re:dy service was recognised in the Information Technology category. Re:dy allows customers to monitor the consumption of electrical devices at home from wherever they are using an internet portal and smartphone.  

EDP wins first place in 2014 Excellence at Work Awards

An award has been given by Heidrick & Struggles in partnership with Diário Económico and INDEGIUL to EDP in the category of large companies with more than 1,000 employees. It was also distinguished in the Industry and Energy category.  

EDPR awarded at Euronext Lisbon Awards 2015

With the best stock market performance in 2014, EDP Renováveis saw a rise of 40% in its market capitalisation. The awards recognise institutions with excellent performance in Portugal’s capital markets. 

EDP distinguished by Carbon Disclosure Project

EDP obtained the maximum score of 100 A, becoming a member of the "A Listers" rating assigned this year to 113 companies, 5% of all companies surveyed.

EDP in the Ethisphere Institute 2015 rankings

For the fourth consecutive year, EDP is part of the international ranking of “The World’s Most Ethical Companies – WME” compiled by Ethisphere Institute, a global leader in the promotion of ethical commercial practices and standards. EDP is therefore considered a standard setter in “Energy and Electric Utilities”, on a par with four other companies on a global level.

EDP amongst the world's best in PLATTS Index

The Group is ranked amongst the world's best in the Top 250 Global Energy Companies, as compiled by Platts, a company specialised in the provision of information in the energy sector. EDP stands out for its financial performance, ranked 69th in the global table and 5th, considering the electric utilities segment in EMEA (“Europe, Middle East and Africa”).

EDP comprises STOXX Global ESG Leaders and STOXX Eurpoe Sustainability Index

The indices are compiled by Sustainalitics and Bank Sarasin, respectively, in cooperation with STOXX.

EDP is a consituent of ETHIBEL

Investment Register company status by demonstrating superior performance to the average of its sector in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). EDP is included in the Ethibel Index Excellence Europe.

EDP is the Best European Company for Investor Relations

In the “IR Magazine Awards” 2015, the Group received reference awards for Investor Relations in Europe as the “best management team for investor relations in the segment large cap”. It also came second in the “Regional Awards – South Europe” and in the Utilities sector, also coming fifth in “Best Financial Reporting”. EDP Renováveis also received the award “best management team for investor relations in the segment small and mid-caps” and Rui Antunes as “best investor relations officer in the segment small and mid-caps”.  

EDP is a constituent of the FTSE4GOOD Global Index

The companies were evaluated based on a set of about 350 indicators grouped in 14 subjects divided into three pillars (environmental, social and governance). 

EDP is a constituent of ECPI Indices

ECPI is an analyst and financial service provider that monitors companies based on public information to constitute Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) indicators. 

Moody's upgrades EDP's rating

The rating agency has upgraded the ratings of EDP and its subsidiaries EDP Finance B.V. and Hidroelectrica del Cantabrico from “Ba1” to “Baa3”. Moody’s upgraded the short-term rating of EDP, EDP Finance and HC Energía from “Not-Prime” to “Prime-3”, with all ratings assigned an outlook of stable. Moody’s has also factored in signs that the tariff deficit borne by Portugal’s electricity system is gradually stabilising, and the lower likelihood that further regulatory cuts will be needed.

EDP is part of the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index

EDP is again part of the Dow Jones World Sustainability Index, produced by RobecoSAM in cooperation with S&P Dow Jones, one of the most prestigious and well-known sustainability indices. EDP has been a part of this group and global index since 2008 without fail. 

António Mexia elected Best Utilities CEO in Europe

A team of Buy Side analysts have elected António Mexia the best Utilities CEO in Europe, in an annual survey conducted by the magazine "Institutional Investor". EDP Group's Chief Financial Officer, Nuno Alves, and Investor Relations Officer Miguel Viana were also acknowledged. In the global assessment of listed European companies in all sectors, EDP rose 71 places over the previous year, now ranked 20th. 

EDP holds Prime Status, by OEKOM

OEKOM is an ESG financial analyst that provides sustainable information to financial services firms that manage a total of EUR 600 billion. 

EDP listed on the Euronext Vigeo - World 120, Europe 120, Eurozone 120 Sustainability Indices

EDP is acknowledged as one of the world’s best companies in terms of sustainability. Each of these indices distinguishes 120 listed companies for their social, environmental and corporate governance performance. 

EDP is a Thomson Reuters CRI Europe ESG Index Member (TRCRI EUROPE)

The Thomson Reuters indices measure companies’ performance taking into account more than 225 ESG indicators. The assessment is based on information available in the Thomson Reuters ASSET4 ESG database. 

EDP is part of the MSCI ESG indexes

EDP is member of a set of Morgan Stanley Capital International indexes, such as the World ESG, Europe ESG, World Low Carbon Leaders and ACWI Low Carbon Leaders indexes. MSCI has more than 40 years of experience in building and maintaining indices. 

EDP among the TOP 100 of STOREBRAND

The 100 companies are characterized by their efficiency in operations, financial strength and response to the challenges of the future. EDP is classified for the SPP Global Topp 100 investment funds.  

EDP Comercial leads the field in customer satisfaction the the Gas and Electricity segments

The quality of EDP Comercial's service was acknowledged in the ECSI Portugal study – National Customer Satisfaction Index. The studies carried out periodically by ECSI Portugal embrace the energy sector, dividing it into four categories: natural gas, electricity, dual and bottled gas. EDP Comercial obtained the best classification in the category Dual. 

EDP receives Green Fleet award from Fleet Magazine

The award acknowledges the company with the greatest commitment to reducing CO2 emissions when acquiring vehicles for its fleet. To determine this it measures the proportion of electric and hybrid vehicles in the existing fleets of several domestic companies. 

The Castejón Combined Cycle Thermal Power Stayion fiven award by FM Global

The international insurance company FM Global distinguished the power station with the award HPR (“Highly Protected Risk”). This award acknowledges the best performance in risk prevention. 

EDP in Spain acknowledged for responsibility in employing young people

This recognition is part of the Spanish social responsibility strategy, which recognises all public and private organisations signing up to the strategy and carrying out concrete initiatives to achieve its objectives. 

EDP Renováveis dinstiguished at Euronext Lisbon Awards 2015

With the best performance in the financial market in 2014, EDP Renováveis capital rose by 40%. These awards acknowledge institutions performing excellently in Portugal's capital market. 

EDP Renováveis' corporate website is one of the best in PSI-20

According to communications company Investis, EDP Renováveis' website is one of the best corporate websites of companies traded on the Portuguese stock exchange. 

EDP Renováveis' annual and report are the best in the Non-Financial sector

This acknowledgement was made at the Investor Relations & Governance Awards, an initiative of Deloitte in partnership with Diário Económico, which recognises the best performance in the Portuguese market. 

EDP Renováveis North America (NA) crowned clean air champion for the forth consecutive year

EDPR NA received the award from Houston-Galveston Area Council, recognising the company's efforts to promote the use of alternative employee transportation methods. 

Eridian Way Wind Farm receives employer engagement

The Meridian Way wind farm was recognised by Cloud County Community College (CCCC) and Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) for its substantial contribution to the programme “College's Wind Energy Technology” (WET) and the development of wind energy students, to whom EDP provides remunerated apprenticeships.  

EDP Renováveis is one of the 10 best largest companies to work for in Spain

For the fourth consecutive year EDP Renováveis has consolidated its position as one of the best companies to work for, and is still the only energy company to make the list. EDPR was ranked eighth in the category companies with between 250 to 500 employees 

EDP Brasil amongst "The Best Companies for Shareholders in 2015"

The magazine Capital Aberto, which specialises in Brazil's capital market, has attributed the highest governance rating amongst all companies evaluated and second place in the category companies with a market value of between R$ 5 billion and R$ 15 billion.

EDP Brasil remains in the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE)

For the tenth consecutive year, EDP is a part of the ISE portfolio compiled by BM&F Bovespa, and is one of the companies standing out for their commitment to sustainable development, equity, transparency and accountability.

EDP wins transparency trophy from ANEFAC

For the third time and the second consecutive year, EDP has received the Transparency Trophy in the category "Listed Companies". The award is given by the National Association of Finance, Business Management and Accounting Executives (ANEFAC), and recognises companies with the best accounting practices and the most objective market information. 

EDP hydroelectric power station receives Gold Seal for Sustainable Energy

The Peixe Angical hydroelectric power station has received the Gold Seal for sustainable energy awarded by Instituto Acende Brasil. This instrument evaluates the social and environmental performance of electricity distribution, transmission and generation companies in Brazil.

EDP Brasil recognised by 2015 Ethics Award

The Ethics Seal has been attributed by Brazil's Federal Controller’s Department (CGU), a government agency overseeing integrity, ethics and transparency. Of the 97 companies competing, 56 passed the evaluation stage and 19 were recognised. 

ABRINQ acknowledges EDP companies as "Child Friendly"

EDP's distribution companies in the states of São Paulo and Espírito Santo have been recognised as Child Friendly by Abrinq Foundation for the 11th consecutive year. Production company Enerpeixe has also been recognised for the fifth consecutive year. The maintenance of this award testifies to their contribution to building a better future for young people in the areas the companies operate in. 

EDP Brasil ranked in Climate Disclosure Leadership Index (CDLI)

EDP is one of the leading companies in Brazil in climate management, comprising the 2015 version of the CDLI report prepared by the Carbon Disclosure Project. 

EDP receives Gold Seal for the 6th consecutive year

EDP Brasil's 2014 greenhouse gas inventory has been given the Gold Seal for the sixth consecutive year. EDP Brasil has followed the Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) Brazil methodology since 2008, the year this initiative was launched. 

EDP is world leader of Utilities in terms of Sustainability

EDP is a member of the "Sustainability Yearbook" of RobecoSAM since 2007, and has been included in the Gold Class category since 2009 as one of the world leaders. It is highlighted as the Industry Leader of electric utilities, and the only company occupying this distinction.

EDP is again one of the world’s most ethical companies in terms of energy

The Ethisphere Institute placed EDP as one of the world's seven most ethical companies of the electricity sector. The Group is included on the international ranking of “The World’s Most Ethical Companies” for the third consecutive year.

EDP listed on the Euronext Vigeo – World 120, Europe 120, Eurozone 120 Sustainability indices

EDP is again acknowledged as one of the world’s best companies in terms of sustainability. Each of these indices distinguishes 120 listed companies for their social and environmental performance and in terms of corporate governance.  

EDP is one of the most valuable brands in the world

The value of the EDP brand has appreciated from EUR 2.04 billion to EUR 2.26 billion. This rise led Brand Finance to assign an AA+ grade placing EDP 476th on the ranking.

António Mexia is the best CEO of the utilities sector

The chairman of EDP was declared by Thomson Reuters Extel Europe 2014 as the best European CEO of the utilities sector and the 15th best CEO of a European company. Nuno Alves, a director of the EDP Group, was considered the best CFO of Portugal and closes the Tep 25 of financial directors in Europe.

IR Magazine Europe Awards 2014

EDP was placed 10th by IR Magazine in the EuroTop 100. It was a stand-out company in the categories: “Best Investor Relations by a CEO (large capital)”, “Best Sustainable Practice”, “Best Overall Investor Relations - Southern Europe”, “Regional Awards – Southern Europe” and “Best in Sector – Utilities”

EDP is again the world’s best utility on the Dow Jones Sustainability indices

EDP was recognised as the best European and worldwide company in the “Utilities: Power, Water and Gas” industry group of the Dow Jones Sustainability indices, for the second consecutive year. The assessment process of ROBECOSAM analysed over 1800 companies and less than 20% managed to be listed on the index. The assessment considers the impact/risk the company can have based on 25 criteria in the environmental, social, economic and corporate governance areas. 

EDP a major winner at the Meios e Publicidade Awards, winning five awards at the 2nd edition of the communication awards

EDP was awarded silver in the area of internal communication for the edpON intranet and edpON tv, and bronze for the edpON magazine. The Conciliar Programme was awarded Bronze in the Social Responsibility category. The Grand Union Agency received a Silver Award in the Digital Site category for the re:dy project of EDP. The Communication Awards of Meios & Publicidade magazine aim to distinguish the work, companies and agencies that stood out over the course of the previous year. 

EDP wins in 3 categories of the APCE 2013 Grand Awards

EDP was awarded 3 first places in the categories: Intranet (edpON intranet), Best Annual Report (2012 annual report ) and Best Special Edition (edp life 2012, report of the Group communication activities). The aim of these awards is to acknowledge excellence in organisational communication strategies. 

António Mexia is the best CEO in Investor Relations

The Chairman of the EDP EBD was a winner at the Investor Relations & Governance Awards. EDP also won in the category for best annual report of the non-financial sector. This is the 27th edition of the Investor Relations & Governance Awards. These awards are organised by Deloitte, and they distinguish the best practices in investor relations. 

EDP holds Prime status, by OEKOM

EKOM is an ESG financial analyst that provides sustainable information to financial services firms that manage a total of EUR 600 billion. 

EDP remains in the FTSE4Good Index Series

EDP has been listed on the series of FTSE4Good Global indices since 2001. The companies were evaluated according to a new methodology which relies on a certain set of indicators 350 grouped in 14 subjects divided into three pillars (environmental, social and governance) 

EDP is a constituent of ECPI Indices

ECPI is an analyst and financial service provider that monitors companies based on public information to constitute 86 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) indicators. 

EDP included by Storebrand among its TOP 100

EDP is classified for the Storebrand Trippel Smart and SPP Global Top 100 investment funds and also as an attractive investment for other portfolios.

EDP is a constituent of ECPI Indices

ECPI is an analyst and financial service provider that monitors companies based on public information to constitute 86 Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) indicators.   

EDP Comercial receives Gatewit Procurement Award

EDP Comercial, through the State and SME business unit, was one of the winning companies of the first ever Procurement Awards. The Awards are focused on the best supplier companies who apply best electronic public procurement practices in the use of the public procurement platforms. 

EDP Distribuição wins Most Effective Recovery of the Year award

The recognition by BCI - Business Continuity Institute in recognition of the effective manner in which the company worked on the grid recovery and restoration of service to customers who were deprived of electricity as a result of the Gong storm, which affected mainland Portugal between 19 and 23 January 2013. The award aims to reward the professionals and organisations based in Europe that stand out in their respective areas of business for their business continuity efforts. 

EDP wins in the Industry and Energy sector of the Workplace Excellence Award

The Workplace Excellence Award of Heidrick & Struggles is a study of organisational climate and human capital development which analyses the state of the art of human resources practices in Portugal and rewards the entities that invest most and have the greatest focus on this area. 

EDP Renováveis in Poland is the best place to work

EDP Renováveis in Poland is the best place to work, in 2014, for the second consecutive year

The Project Finance for Pawlowo Wind Farm, developed by EDP Renováveis in Poland, wins EMEA Finance award

EDP Renováveis won an award from EMEA Finance magazine for the financial structuring of the Pawlowo wind farm project signed with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. EDP Renováveis also won another award from EMEA Finance magazine in the same category for "Best Sustainability Deal”. This award concerns the projects for the Carnavoda and Pestera wind farm projects in Romania, and the wind energy project in the Polish town of Margonin. 

João Manso Neto chosen as 3rd best CEO in Spain in survey by Thomson Reuters

João Manso Neto is among the best CEOs in Spain, according to the Thomson Reuters survey of members of the investors’ community. The CFO of EDP Renováveis, Rui Teixeira, also won an award. 

EDP Renováveis selected by the Ethibel Forum for inclusion on the Ethibel PIONEER and EXCELLENCE Investment Registers

The selection for the registers is in acknowledgment of the leadership of EDPR in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) 

EDP in Spain recognised by Red Española de Pacto Mundial de Naciones Unid

The United Nations Global Compact, with which EDP Espanha has been actively working since 2004 and consists of the companies making a commitment to 10 basic and universal principles ( All the initiatives undertaken are related in annual reports. 

PERFILA Project wins award at the first EnerTIC Awards

EnerTIC, the platform of IT companies to improve energy efficiency declared the project led by Red Eléctrica de España, in which EDP Espanha takes part, as the best initiative of 2013 in the Smart Grids category. 

EDP in Spain wins FM Global award

The FM Global insurance company awarded the Soto Ribera combined cycle power station the Highly Protected Risk prize, for the improvements that have been being undertaken in the risk prevention system. 

EDP in Spain receives award for best customer service centre

Asociación Española de Expertos en la Relación con los Clientes awarded EDP a Gold medal in the Customer Relations Centre (CRC) category of the Energy segment and the segment of over 1.2 million calls per year. The CRC Gold awards are awarded to companies following a series of external audits by the consultant company IZO.

EDP in Brazil recognised by the “Innovation Champions” ranking of Revista Amanhã magazine

EDP was considered one of the 50 most innovative companies in the South of the country, due to its Cenaeel wind farm, in Santa Catarina. EDP stood out as the leader of electricity companies in the energy sector, and was first in the area of innovation. The 500 largest companies in south Brazil are invited to participate in the survey, listed in the Grandes & Líderes ranking, prepared by Amanhã and PricewaterhouseCoopers. 

EDP in Brazil wins award for customer respect

EDP won a Gold recognition in the "Customer respect" category of the Smart Contact Center Award 2014 for "EDP solidifying the foundations in terms of Excellence and Customer Respect". The winning project highlighted the physical transition of the call centre of the EDP group distributors, as well as the results of the management of the indicators and customer service. 

EDP Brasil awarded the Transparency Trophy by Associação Nacional dos Executivos de Finanças, Administração e Contabilidade (ANEFAC)

EDP won the Transparency Trophy in the category Public Limited Company - Net income up to BRL 5 billion. ANEFAC has been giving this award to the most transparent financial statements in Brazil for 18 years, disclosing the results to the community and to stakeholders. 

EDP Brasil recognised by Top Employers

EDP was elected, for the third consecutive time, one of the companies with the best people management practices, according to Top Employers Institute. 

EDP Brasil remains on the Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE)

EDP is included on the ISE portfolio for the ninth consecutive year. This index, managed by BM&FBovespa, is a tool for evaluating performance among publicly traded companies with regard to social, environmental, economic and corporate governance practices. 

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/WME_2013redux.jpg EDP, one of the World's Most Ethical companies

In 2013, EDP is once again deemed one of the world's most ethical companies. This award acknowledges companies which go from words to actions; companies to whom ethics is not just a principle, but a means for acting and reinforcing relationships, a means to an end with the best results for us, for those who work with us and for those we work for.   Awarded by Ethisphere Institute for the second consecutive, this award's methodology followed several criteria, such as: ethics and compliance, reputation, leadership and innovation, governance model, corporate citizenship, social responsibility and sustainability. The full list with all 145 Most Ethical Companies can be found here.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/institutional%20investor.bmp EDP and EDP Renewables distinguished by Institutional Investor Magazine

Both EDP and EDP Renewables received awards by the Institutional Investor Magazine, for having stood out for their Investor Relations. EDP Renewables is the second best European company and the best Portuguese in the All-Europe Executive Team 2013 winners list.Winners were chosen through an inquiry in which 858 asset managers have participated, on behalf of 460 institutional investors, and 1580 financial analysts. 
EDP was distinguished in: Best Investor Relations Utilities - Sell Side: 2nd place; Best CEO Utilities - António  Mexia - Sell Side: 1st place; e Best Investor Relations Professional Utilities - Miguel Viana - Buy Side – 3rd place.
EDP Renováveis was distinguished in: Best CEO Renewable Energy – João Manso Neto - Buy Side: 1st place; Best CEO Renewable Energy – João Manso Neto - Sell Side: 1st place; Best CFO Renewable Energy – Rui Teixeira - Buy Side: 1st place; Best CFO Renewable Energy – Rui Teixeira - Sell Side: 1st place; Best IR Professional Renewable Energy – Rui Antunes - Buy Side: 1st place; Best IR Professional Renewable Energy – Rui Antunes - Sell Side: 1st place; Best Renewable Energy  Company – EDP Renováveis - Buy Side: 1st place; Best Renewable Energy  Company – EDP Renováveis - Sell Side: 1st place. 

EDP Group's Magazine wins Global CCU award

EDP Group’s University is one of the winners of Global Council of Corporate Universities (Global CCU)’s awards. The bronze prize for “Best Corporate University embodying the identity, the culture and the brand of the organization in its stakeholders” was delivered at a ceremony in Paris, on 13th March.Global CCU is a prestigious international association of corporate universities, whose awards aim at recognizing, worldwide, corporate universities which stood out for their excellence level and ability to add strategic value for their respective companies, people and society.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/RobecoSAM_SustAwardGold%202013_rgb.jpg EDP is RobecoSAM Gold Class

For the sixth year running, EDP is a member of the "Sustainability Yearbook" by RobecoSAM, and for the fourth consecutive year the company is deemed "Gold Class 2013", among the world leaders. The "Sustainability Yearbook 2013" lists those companies with the best practises in corporate sustainability. It was presented in January, at the World Economic Forum, in Davos, Switzerland.

EDP Brasil voted one of the best companies to work for

The company was recognised for the second year running in the Top Employers Brasil as having the best people management practices in accordance with criteria such as training and development, organisational culture and career development. In addition to being among the 17 companies to receive the award, EDP was voted one of the three key companies in the area of Human Capital Management. Top Employers certification is given by the CRF Institute, which is based in the Netherlands and operates in 13 countries on four continents.

EDPR wins award as the best workplace in Poland in 2013 from Great Place to Work

EDPR was recognised in the category of companies with less than 50 employees, after an organisational culture survey that analysed equal opportunities, flexibility, integrity and work environment, among other variables. The company received the country's highest score.

EDPR wins award as the best workplace in Scotland in 2013 from Great Place to Work

EDPR was recognised in the category of companies with less than 50 employees, after an organisational culture survey that analysed equal opportunities, flexibility, integrity and work environment, among other variables.

EDPR wins award as one of the best workplace in Spain in 2013 from Great Place to Work

EDPR was recognised in the category of companies with 250 to 500 employees, after an organisational culture survey that analysed equal opportunities, flexibility, integrity and work environment, among other variables.

EDP receives four APCE 2013 awards

The projects that received the recognition of the jury of the APCE were: EDP’s Intranet, the corporative TV, the 2011 Annual Report and the Corporative image “We Are EDP” (in partnership with the Global Challenge).

There were 157 projects for 20 categories in competition.

These awards recognize and disclose the professional initiatives in the area of the communication.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/SAM_2012.jpg EDP is SAM Gold Class and world leader in the electricity sector im 2012

 For the fifth year running, EDP has been included in the global Sustainability Yearbook 2012, which features 15% of the companies with the best sustainability performance in each of the 58 sectors evaluated by SAM.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/ethisphere.jpg Ethisphere announces EDP as one of 2012 world’s most ethical companies

EDP was recognized worldwide for the Group’s transparency while establishing its business goals and communicating with stakeholders. In this sixth edition, Ethisphere reviewed nominations from companies in more than 100 countries and 36 industries. The methodology for the World’s Most Ethical Companies includes reviewing codes of ethics, litigation and regulatory infraction histories; evaluating the investment in innovation and sustainable business practices; looking at activities designed to improve corporate citizenship; and studying nominations from senior executives, industry peers, suppliers and customers.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/logo_marcasconfianca_2012.jpg EDP recognized as reliable brand by Reader's Digest

EDP was recognized as reliable brand by the annually conducted study by Reader's Digest, in "public sector utilities". This study evaluates consumers' confidence levels regarding a wide range of products and services. Respondents freely name the brands in which they trust the most.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/PCamposCosta.jpg EDP achieves Marketeer of the Year and Energy awards

 Paulo Campos Costa, Brand and Communication Director from EDP Group, was recognized by his work in the communication's field. EDP was also one of this year's winners of Marketeer Awards, recognized by the "Energia Douro" concert. This concert, celebrating the 35 years of EDP, was held on a floating stage on Douro's waters in 2011.
These awards recognized EDP's performance in Communication and Social Responsibility. Desafio Global Ativism, the agency responsible for the concert, received the Award for Events and Entertainment.

EDP is the most valuable portuguese brand

 According to Brand Finance consultant, EDP maintains its leading position in the most valuable brands' ranking, with a brand value of 2,4 billion euros. EDP was the only portuguese company in the world's 500 most valuable brands, ranking 343rd.

EDP voted as best in investor relations in Europe

 EDP was distinguished in the 2012 edition from IR Magazine Europe Awards in best company in investor relations in Portugal and among the european utilities. EDP Renewables received an award in the field of alternative energy in Europe.
These awards recognize people and companies with an excellent performance in their results in the previous 12 months. The annual event promotes excellence and international leadership in investor relations. The awards were attributed in accordance with the results of more than 500 electronic- or phone-inquiries to analysts (sell-side and buy-side) and portfolio managers in Europe.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/APCE1.bmp EDP distinguished with Excellence in Communication by APCE

 Once more, APCE (Portuguese Association of Company's Communication) distinguishes excellence and promotes professionals in Communication.
EDP won 3 awards, in intranet and corporate tv (for the 4th consecutive year), and best campaign of institutional communication, which focused on the rebranding, one of the most important events in the Group's communication this year.

EDP is best in sustainability & corporate governance communication among the world utilities

 The independent study Thomson Reuters Extel IRRI 2012, conducted by Thomson Reuters Extel and by SRI-Connect, distinguished EDP as the best utility in the world, in sustainability & corporate governance communication. EDP was the only portuguese company in the top 30. EDP ranked 24th in the global, multisectorial ranking.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/DowJones_logo_12.jpg EDP at the top of world sustainability

For the fifth consecutive year, EDP is deemed on of the electrical companies with better performance on the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes, attaining the same score as the electric sector leader and the utilities' sector leader.
Areas such as integrated risk management, management control systems, biodiversity, human capital development, engagement with stakeholders, and engagement with the society regarding corporate citizenship obtained the maximum score (100).

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/CGI.jpg EDP is a member of Clinton Global Initiative

In 2012, EDP attended once more the Clinton Global Initiative, annual meeting held in New York, where world politicians, companies, NGOs, foundations and philanthropists gather to discuss ways to address some of the most challenging problems in the world. EDP has been attending the Clinton Global Initiative since 2009, when the company partnered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to present the Kakuma Project. In this project, EDP installed in the refugees' camp in Kakuma, Kenya, solar panels and street lamps, and distributed both solar ovens and flashlights, promoting safety and the quality of life for more than 70 thousand people in the camp.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/com_multicultural.jpg EDP achieves the european award for multicultural communication

The multicultural nature from EDP's communication in On Magazine was recognized by european professionals in communication with the special award from the Federation of European Business Communicators Associations (FEIEA). In this year's edition, held in Zurich, Switzerland, EDP won a total of three prizes.

Among candidates from ten countries, EDP was also distinguished in two other categories, achieving the 2nd place with ON Magazine's special edition (pp 20-25) for “Best cartoon / illustration”, and the 3rd place in Corporate TV, with EDP ON, for "Best audio-visual communication for an internal audience".

EDP ​​features, once again, the Iberian Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index (CDPLI)

EDP ​​is the 2nd best electrical  in the Iberian Peninsula in terms of reporting (96 of 100), by the Carbon Disclosure Projectby, featuring, for the second year in a row, the Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index - consisting of the companies with the best report of carbon worldwide. In performance, was ranked as B.The CDP is an independent international organization that analyzes the performance of companies under the Climate Change EDP is the first portuguese company to win the "Euro Bond of the Year" Award by IFR

EDP achieved the best world performance in debt placement in euros in 2012. The company won the "Euro Bond of the Year" Award, given by the IFR (Internation Financing Review).
The bond issue distinguished, worthing €750M, started at the 14th September, with a demand 10 times higher to the supply.

This was the first time that a portuguese company was distinguished with a financial award of such scale.

Sagmeister wins international award with EDP's rebranding

The head designer for EDP's new corporate identity was distinguished with the award "The One Show”. This award, valuing excellence, entrepreneurship and innovation, is presented by a non-profit organisation - "The One Club". This year's edition, won by Stefan Sagmeister's campaign, received 20,000 applications.

EDP Continente Plan conquers Gold at Efficiency Awards

"EDP Continente Plan" campaign was distinguished with the golden award in "Other services and Public Administrations" category in the 8th edition of the Awards for Communication Efficiency. This campaign received more than 146,000 memberships.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/AntonioMexia.jpg António Mexia distinguished for the 2nd year in the "Which president would you prefer having?" category

 This award, attributed by the Human Resources Portugal magazine, recognizes companies and individuals which have stood out in "People Management."
The nominees were chosen by a group of advisors together with the editorial team. Studies published in the last two years regarding climate, satisfaction, reputation, leadership, sustainability, social responsibility, among others, were taken into account during the nomination process. An online poll, where 12,800 people voted, was conducted to find the winners.

"Workplaces for all ages" Award

 EDP's "Valuing experience" program was distinguished in a European Contest regarding the Year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity. EDP's initiative received an honorable mention in "Workplaces for all ages" category. "Valuing experience" aimed at recognizing, thanking and collecting the work from employees with careers of more than 30 years in EDP. More than 900 employees have already joined this program.

HR Award 2012 - "Company which best manages and promotes the development of its talents"

Human Resources magazine distinguished EDP with this award. Once a year, the magazine distinguishes the best companies in Portugal, in what concerns to "People Management".

EDP wins Global Management Challenge 2012

 EDP's team won the national final, and will be representing Portugal at the international final of Global Management Challenge (GMC). Led by Vasco Rodrigues, from EDP Production, the team "EDP UCP Porto" is constituted by three students from the Portuguese Catholic University in Porto. GMC is a simulation game for business management.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/inovgrid%202012%20award.jpg InovGrid Project receives the "Utility of the Year Award 2012"

EDP was recognized during the "European Smart Metering Awards 2012", which integrated the conference "Smart Metering UK & Europe Summit 2012", held in London. The award was attributed to EDP Distribution, based on the contributions and impacts of the InovGrid Project on smart grids, energetic efficiency, and its orientation towards the client.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/excelencia_trabalho_i2012.jpg EDP Group distinguished at the 2012 Awards for Excellence in Work

 EDP Group achieved the first place at the 2012 Awards for Excellence in Work, both in the large corporations category - more than 1000 employees - and in the Industry and Energy sector. EDP was distinguished from a total of 198 candidates as the company which most promotes its employees, valuing and developing talent at the company. The awards were received by António Mexia, EDP's CEO. This was the third edition of the Awards, an initiative of Heidrick & Struggles, in partnership with Diário Económico and ISCTE Business School.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/sam_2011.bmp EDP is Gold Class by SAM and the Electric Sector Leader 2011

For the forth year running, EDP is included in the "Sustainability Yearbook 2011", which includes 15% of the companies with the best sustainability performance, of 58 sectores evaluated by SAM, ranking "gold class SAM 2011" pela SAM (Sustainable Asset Management). EDP was, also, distinguished as the Electric Sector World Leader 2011. 

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/DJSI_11_small.bmp For the second year running Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes considered EDP the world leader in the electric sector

For the second year running, Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes considered EDP the world leader in the electric sector. For the forth year running, EDP is on Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and European Dow Jones Europe Index. In a set of 22 criteria, EDP has a maximum score of 6 and is Best in Class in 10.

EDP considered European company with the best financial report, according to the "2011 IR Global Rankings"

EDP was considered exemplary in the financial reporting category, in terms of accuracy, transparency and consistency, as well as the level of quality of the information provided. The evaluation is performed by an independent committee that performs tests on the results and evaluations made by IR Global Rankings analysts, and also other procedures they deem necessary to provide a reasonable basis for their evaluation. 

InovCity in Évora is made a European reference project

InovGrid was selected by the European Commission and Eurelectric as a single case study from among more than 260 Europe-wide projects of smart energy grids. The project demonstrates, in an integrated and comprehensive manner, the many benefits of smart grids in their core areas: customer/consumer and operator and distributor of electricity

EDP in the Best Annual Report and Accounts of the non-financial sector category of the Deloitte 2011 Awards

The Investor Relations and Governance Awards 2011, annually presented by Deloitte, also elected Rui Teixeira, Chief Financial Officer of EDP the best CFO Investor Relations.

António de Almeida receives Career Award

António de Almeida, Chairman of the General and Supervisory Board of EDP received the Career Award for a 50-year career full of challenges.  The award was presented by the Portuguese President, Cavaco Silva.

edpON internationally recognised

The EDP Group’s corporate television - edpON - won first place in the Audiovisual Communication category at the FEIEA Grand Prix Awards 2011, an annual European competition organised by FEIEA (Federation of European Business Communicators Association).  The ceremony elects the best European projects in internal communication. EDP was also awarded 2nd place for ON Magazine and 3rd place for its intranet.

EDP is one of the best “leadership schools”

EDP is placed second in the ranking of the Best Companies for Leadership in Portugal, a worldwide study conducted by the Hay Group consultancy firm, which indicates the best companies for training leaders. The Hay Group assessed 67 companies in Portugal for the 2011 ranking.

EDP distinguished in the Energy Efficiency Awards

In a universe of the 2,500 largest Portuguese companies (selected by turnover), the “Energy Efficiency Barometer Portugal 2010" analysed how companies use energy in their processes, facilities and activities. This initiative is organised by PremiValor Consulting in conjunction with reference partners, and it is also supported by ADENE, the Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG) and BCSD Portugal.

EDP wins Marketeer 2011 Awards

EDP wins accolades in the Energy category of the third Revista Marketeer Awards.

EDP in the Carbon Leadership Index Iberia 125

EDP reports its GHG emissions and the reduction targets and performance and the mitigation strategy and adaptation to climate change under the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).  In 2011, EDP was ranked on the Carbon Leadership Index Iberia 125, with 85 points for reporting and an A- for performance.

EDP Soluções Comerciais distinguished in the contact centre management area

EDP Soluções Comerciais was awarded the following prizes:  1st place for the best contact centre of the utilities sector and Innovation 2011, by the Portuguese Contact Centres Association. 

EDP Excellence in Communications for the 3rd consecutive year

The intranet, television and special edition of edplife received an award for excellence in communication from APCE (Portuguese Association of Corporate Communication).

EDP is a leader in Engagement Rating Portugal

EDP leads the Engagement Rating index, which measures the transparency of companies’ engagement with their stakeholders in relation to sustainability. The selection of the target companies for analysis was based on the list of the 500 Largest & Best of Exame magazine. EDP won the three previous editions of the rating.

Energia Douro Concert wins 7 awards at the European Best Event Awards'11

 The host of the 8th edition of the European Best Events Awards was the "Energia Douro Concerto", winning 7 awards: first place as Best Celebration/Festivity Event, Musical Event, Best Events Agency – Desafio Global; second place in Best European Award and Best Public Event; and a special award as Best Integrated Event. The EDP Group earned the seventh prize, as Best Event Promoter Company. 46 agencies from Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden and Belgium were entered in the awards.

EDP awarded prizes at the Top Companies' awards (Human Resources Award)

The first edition of the "Top Companies" awards by Human Resources magazine gave EDP prizes in 4 of 10 categories: CEO of the Portuguese electricity company (António Mexia), Director of Human Resources (Maria João Martins), a company where people most like to work and the company with the greatest team spirit. The winners were made public after the 2nd Human Resources Portugal Conference, on the theme of "Innovation in People Management."  

EDP wins Excellence in Sustainable Development Award

The Sustainable Development Award, awarded by Heidrick & Struggles, in partnership with Diário Económico newspaper, distinguishes the companies that most stood out in the field of sustainability in the Portuguese business fabric. EDP received the Excellence award.

The Reputation Awards give recognition to EDP in six categories

APECOM (Portuguese Association of Communication and Public Relations Consulting Companies) presented the award of Communications Personality of the Year to António Mexia; it also recognised the “A tua energia” ("Your energy") project in the Energy, Environment and Ecology category. The EDP Annual Report and Accounts received an award in the Financial Communication, Mergers and Acquisitions category, the Concert at Alqueva Dam, in the Events category, edpON Corporate Television in the Corporate TV & Video category and ON magazine in the Corporate Publications category.

EDP Renováveis considered most confidence-inspiring energy company operating in Portugal

The analysis was conducted by the Reputation Institute in the Portuguese market in 2011. EDP Renováveis won awards in the categories of: products and services, innovation, workplace, management model, citizenship, performance and leadership.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/sam_2010.bmp EDP is GOLD CLASS by SAM in 2010

EDP was included in the top 15% of companies in terms of sustainability for its third consecutive year, receiving a Gold Class ranking in 2010 from SAM (Sustainable Asset Management), which evaluates companies across 58 sectors. EDP had ranked in the Silver Class in previous years.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/asae.bmp Citizenship Award from companies and organisations

EDP took 1st place in the Industrial and Consumer Products category in January 2010, for the implementation of its social responsibility and sustainability policies in the economic, social and
environmental arenas. These awards are an AESE initiative, in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/DJSI10.jpg Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes considered EDP the world leader in the electric sector

Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes considered EDP the world leader in the electric sector. For the third year running, EDP is on Dow Jones Sustainability World Index and European Dow Jones Europe Index. In a set of 22 criteria, EDP has a maximum score of 8 and is Best in Class in 10.

EDP in the Forbes rankings

EDP is on the Forbes list of The World’s Leading Companies in the rankings of the five best companies in the world in the utilities sector. The indicators analysed are growth in five-year turnover, growth in net profit, return on capital and return for shareholders.

António Mexia, Best European CEO

 The Executive Chairman of EDP, António Mexia, was considered the best European CEO of energy companies (utilities) by Institutional Investor.

EDP wins the Business Internationalisation Award

 The British Embassy has recognised EDP in the Internationalisation category. The award acknowledges the Group’s commitment to generating offshore wind power in the United Kingdom.

Best financial reporting in the world

 EDP was considered the best company in the world in financial reporting in the 2010 IR Global
 Rankings. It was also recognised as one of the best in the sector in corporate governance.

KAKUMA is official partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign

 The pilot project at Kakuma refugee camp, Kenya, developed by EDP in partnership with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UN HCR), was recognized as Official Partner of the Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign, a European Commission initiative launched in 2005 within the framework of the Intelligent Energy for Europe.

EDP is featured in Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index

EDP is the 2nd best utilitie concerning The Carbon Disclosure Project. For the first time, EDP features CDLI - Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index – which highlights the companies with the best carbon report, worldwide. For the first year, CDP launched its new performance scoring pilot, EDP was considered B class.

EDP in the “climate responsibility of companies” ranking

 EDP was elected for the first time in the ranking “Business Climate Responsibility: ACGE Index (Climate Change and Business Management). The ranking was published by Euronatura - Centre for Environmental Law and Sustainable Development, demonstrating the commitment to combating climate change. In this ranking EDP was classified with 87.5%.

EDP receives award for the most valuable Portuguese brand

 With a value of around 3.3 billion euros, the brand has an AA rating according to the Brand Finance Top Portuguese League Table. EDP ranks 192nd among the 500 top world brands and is the best positioned Portuguese brand.

Nº. 1 in the Iberian Peninsula in Engagement Rating 2010

 Based on accountability rating, Sair da Casca and Exame magazine considered EDP number 1 in stakeholder engagement in Portugal and Spain.

Award for Best Overall Investor Relations Strategy

 EDP was recognised in the Best Performance in 2010 category in the Investor Relations & Governance Awards promoted by Deloitte and Diário Económico.

Contact Centre EDP wins first place in APCC Awards

 For the third year running, EDP’s Contact Centre in Portugal won first place in the award promoted by Associação Portuguesa de Contact Centers (APCC – Portuguese Contact Centres Association) in the utilities category.

Highly Protected Risk (HPR) award

 After six years of working with EDP in risk analysis and consultancy on recommendations for mitigating risk, FM Global has recognised the Ribatejo thermoelectric power station and the Caniçada, Caldeirão, Alto Rabagão, Desterro, Vila Cova and Régua hydroelectric powers stations as HPR s.

EDP wins Marketeer Awards

 EDP wins accolades in the Energy and Social Commitment categories of the second Marketeer Awards. Twenty-three awards were presented to the companies with the best performance in marketing, advertising and communication in Portugal.

Citizenship Award for Companies and Organisations 2010

 For the fourth time running, AESE in partnership with PricewaterhouseCoopers EDP received an award in the utilities category for its sustainability and social responsibility policy.

EDP wins awards in four categories of the APCE 2010 Awards

 EDP was acknowledged by Associação Portuguesa de Comunicação de Empresa (APCE – Portuguese Corporate Communication Association) in the categories of best video for the video from its 2008 Annual Report and Accounts, best intranet for its Sou EDP Portal, best corporate television for edpON and best corporate communication campaign for Projecções. These awards acknowledge excellence in organisational communication strategies.

EDP Communication distinguished in FEIEA awards

 EDP was distinguished in FEIE A Awards (Federation of European Business Communicators Associations), with edpON and the portal “Sou EDP” in 2nd place and the cover of “Revista ON ” in 3rd place. Also in Aberje awards (Brazilian Association for Business Communication) edpON was distinguished in the field of Audiovisual Media.

InovGrid was awarded with the Optimus Innovation Awards

 The EDP Distribuição project was singled out for the Sector Innovation award, for the innovative nature of the solution, the important role played in it by communications and its contribution to improving the effectiveness, efficiency and quality of processes and the services provided.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/EnergyBusinessAwards.jpg Energy Business Awards

EDP won an Energy Business Award in the “Excellence in Energy Risk Management” category. The award, presented on 5 November in Singapore, recognises companies whose activities make a positive impact on the development of the energy sector.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/Accountability.jpg EDP wins Accountability Rating Portugal 09 prize

For the second year running, EDP won the Accountability Rating Portugal 2009 prize.  This prize, awarded by Sair da Casca and Two Tomorrows, assesses the implementation of responsible practices in business processes, the adoption of internal management systems and tools to support business processes, engagement with stakeholders and the impact of the company's activity on the environment, the market and society.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/ProcurementLeadersAwards2009.jpg Procurement Leaders Awards 2009

EDP was distinguished at the Procurement Leaders Awards 2009, as winner of a Special Commendation Award for Best Use of Technology for the Sinergie project - Supply Integration for Energy.
These prizes are awarded each year and aim to showcase excellence and innovation in procurement.
The project implemented allows information to be shared between procurement departments and suppliers in all regions, thus overcoming the barriers of distance and culture between the countries where the company operates.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/Exame_EDPProducao.jpg 500 Biggest & Best – EXAME Magazine Prize

EDP - Gestão da Produção de Energia S.A. was considered the best company in the Water, Electricity and Gas sector.
Since 1990, EXAME Magazine has selected the best companies in 24 different sectors of activity. To guarantee that the 500 Biggest & Best ranking and the election of the best in each category is as complete, rigorous and reliable as possible, EXAME has teamed up with world leader in business information Informa D & B, who are responsible for collecting the data, and Deloitte, who audited it.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/Marketter.jpg EDP wins Marketeer Award

EDP won the 1st edition of the Marketeer Award in the Energy category.
This award, presented by Marketeer magazine, distinguishes the 14 companies demonstrating the best performance in Portugal in the areas of marketing, advertising and communication, those who stood out for their overall marketing and communication strategy and for their positioning during 2008.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/HC_Energia.jpg HC Energia receives award for “Best Customer Service Centre” in the energy sector

For the 5th year running, HC Energia won the award for Best Customer Service Centre in the energy and utilities sector.
This is the 5th edition in which HC Energia has participated in these awards presented by the Spanish Association of Contact Centres (Izo System and IFAES), receiving the top prize in their category on every occasion.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/Premio_BR.jpg Época Award for Climate Change 2009

In 2009, EDP Energias do Brasil received the Época Award for Climate Change for the second year running.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/FEIEA.jpg EDP receives award at FEIEA GRAND PRIX 2009

The “I am EDP” intranet and “ClickIdea” project received awards at the FEIEA GRAND PRIX 2009, an annual competition which recognises excellence at a European level and promotes the sharing of best practice in the field of corporate communication.
Best Intranet Site Category: 2nd place: I am EDP portal by EDP - Energias de Portugal
Best Internal Communication Strategy Category – Multinational Project: 2nd place: Click Idea by EDP - Energias de Portugal.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/DJSI_small.jpg Dow Jones Sustainability Index 2009/2010

EDP was selected to form part of the Dow Jones World and STOXX Sustainability Indices for the second year running, making it one of the 13 best electricity companies in the world and one of the 7 best in Europe.

One of the 50 most sustainable companies – Imprensa, Jornalismo e Comunicação magazine

EDP in Brazil has been included in the second edition of the "50 most sustainable companies according to the media" ranking. The study, conducted at the behest of Imprensa - Jornalismo e Comunicação magazine, analysed press coverage of the corporate sector in 2008.

ACT presents merit award for good practices in risk prevention

EDP Distribuição - Energia, SA, was one of seven companies to receive merit awards for good practices introduced to prevent risks at work.  The awards were presented by the Working Conditions Authority (ACT).

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/cc.bmp EDP wins 1st prize at the APCC Portugal Best Awards

The EDP Contact Center won 1st prize in the utilities sector for the second year running at these awards presented by the Portuguese Contact Center Association (APCC)

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/oekom.bmp EDP classified as PRIME by oekom Reasearch AG

EDP was classified as PRIME by oekom Research, with a B rating (B+ in environment and B in social responsibility).  The company was considered “Best Practice” in terms of social and environmental responsibility and one of the best practices in the world in the utilities sector. With over 10 years’ experience, German agency oekom is one of the main ratings agencies to focus on corporate sustainability. The assessment was based on ethical criteria related to social, cultural and environmental sustainability.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/DowJones_2008.jpg Dow Jones sustainability Index 2008/2009

In 2008, EDP was the only Portuguese company to be included in the "Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes: World and Stoxx".

Horizon Building obtains LEED certification

Leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED). This system, developed by the US Green Building Council, assesses a series of practices associated with sustainable building. This was the first building in Houston, Texas to obtain certification of the kind.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/RC_EnergiasBR.jpg EDP Energias do Brasil among 10 leaders in sustainability reports

EDP Energias do Brasil is on the list of the 10 leading companies for sustainability reports in Brazil.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/Superbrands_2008.jpg Brand of excelence by Superbrands Portugal

For the fourth time running, EDP was elected a brand of excellence by Superbrands Portugal, an organisation belonging to Superbrands, an international body operating in 88 countries.

HC Energía received CAC Prize

This prize rewards effective customer care provided by the Centro de Atención al Cliente, the main purpose of which is to answer queries and provide customers with the information they need.

Effectivenes Awards 2008

EDP won the silver trophy with the EDP Renováveis OPS advertising campaign “Life Cycle” in the advertising category other services and public administration.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/IndicedeSustentabilidade_2008.jpg Corporate Sustainability Index

Corporate Sustainability Index in the EDP Energias do Brasil Group. For the third year running, the EDP Energias do Brasil Group won the Bovespa Corporate Sustainability Index portfolio.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/EnergyBus.jpg Green Project Awards

Green Project Awards gave an honourable mention to the EDP Environment and Sustainability Department for the Energy Bus project. The mention came from Agência Portuguesa de Energia
and Quercus, in the communication categories

Naturgás Energia

Naturgás Energia received an award for the greatest reduction in accident rate in 2007 from the Comisión Autónoma de Seguridad e Higiene en el Trabajo de Industrias Químicas y Afines  (COASHIQ).

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/Guia_exame_sustentabilidade_08.jpg EDP Energias do Brasil

Sustainability award by Brazil's Revista Exame.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/AntonioMexia.jpg Best of European Busines

Roland Berger Strategy selected the best European companies in different categories and the best CEO in companies quoted on the PSI-20 index. EDP won the BEB award in the cross-border M&A – mergers and acquisitions category and the Group’s Chairman of the EBD, António Mexia, received the Leitores do Negócios award for PSI-20 manager.

2nd best large Portuguese company to work for in Portugal

EDP was considered by Exame magazine and Heidrick & Struggles to be the second best large  Portuguese company to work for in Portugal. In addition to this honour, EDP also received an honourable mention as the large company that made the greatest improvement in organisational climate.

Special Olympics – Special Supporter Award

Special Olympics Portugal paid tribute to all the entities that helped to promote and publicise this movement and the support given to all the Para-Olympics athletes who participated in the summer games in Shanghai.

Best advert of the year

This award comes from Clube de Criativos de Portugal. EDP also received two honourable mentions for its advertising film “The World Is in Our Hands”.

Best CEO in investor relations

António Mexia – Best CEO in investor relations. This award is given by Deloitte, Diário Económico and Semanário Económico.

"Prevenir Mais – Viver Melhor no Trabalho" award

"Preventing more – living better in the workplace" Award. This award is promoted by the Working Conditions Authority. EDP received an honourable mention.

Best Contact Centre

This award is given by Associação Portuguesa de Contact Centers. EDP won the award for the best contact centre in Portugal in the Utilities category.

Accountability Rating Portugal 2008

EDP is the first Portuguese company in accountability. Accountability Rating Portugal 2008 is a study conducted by Sair da Casca, Accountability and CSRNetwork for Exame magazine.

Level A+ of the Global Reporting Initiative

EDP’s 2007 Sustainability Report received the highest assessment allowed by the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) international business reporting guidelines.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/AmbienteTodos.jpg Energy Globe World Awards

EDP’s project “The Environment belongs to us all – let’s use energy well” was selected from among 800 worldwide to be one of the three finalists in the Youth category.

Certification by Lloyd ’s RQA

EDP has obtained ISO 14001:2004 certification from Lloyd’s RQA for corporate management of strategic environment policies and plans, environmental information and environmental performance of the Group’s organisations.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/sam.gif Silver in sustainability - SAM

SAM (Sustainable Asset Management) has classified EDP’s sustainability performance in the silver category in the electricity sector.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/BestInClass.jpg "Best in Class" by Storebrand

For the second time running, EDP features in the company’s portfolio of socially responsible investments in recognition of its leadership in environmental and social areas.

/pt/sustentabilidade/abordagemasustentabilidade/reconhecimento/EDPImages/APCE_PCC.jpg Communicator of the year

Paulo Campos Costa, Brand and Communication Director at EDP, was elected "Communicator of the year" by APCE - Associação Portuguesa de Comunicação de  Empresas.