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Approach to Sustainability

EDP develops its core business activities in a sector that is vital to economic and social development, the electricity sector. In addition to producing an essential good, EDP`s business also creates wealth for the community through dividends paid to shareholders, through its role as employer and through meeting its tax obligations.

Operating in a highly technological sector, the companies of the EDP Group are also sources of technical skill and innovation.

The company`s mission is based on three fundamental aspects: creation of shareholder value, customer orientation, and a focus on the company`s human potential. The aim is to be the most competitive and efficient electricity and gas operator of the Iberian Peninsula. To achieve this goal, EDP undertakes the management of its activities in accordance with principles of transparency, regard for the environment and compliance with the very highest standards of ethics and honesty.
In March 2004, the Board of Directors of EDP approved the Principles of Sustainable Development of the EDP Group. These principles will guide the seek of balance between economical, environmental and social activities of the EDP Group.