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Transparency in institutional relations

EDP and its subsidiaries perform activities with the aim to make known its positions in order to raise the awareness of the policy makers and legislators about the interests of the Company and/or Business Sector. This activity includes either the participation in the main Sector/Industry associations, European and international, or the direct or indirect participation of the Company employees appointed/designated for that purpose.

 The approach to the institutions (national, European or international) is supported in principles laid down in the Company internal regulations and, in particular, in the principles of integrity and transparency expressed in its Code of Ethics.

This interaction with these institutions allows expression of the positioning of the Company's interests and/or business sector in the drafting of policies and legislation and to make available the knowledge about the relevant aspects of the energy business and the entire sector.

In Europe, this activity is monitored by means of a voluntary registration on a platform created for that purpose by the European Comission - "Transparency Register".

EDP is registered since the creation of this platform in 2011.

In the following table we present the values concerning the activities of representation of interests of the EDP Group between 2013 and 2016.

Evolution of costs with activities of representation of interest (k€)

2013 2014 2015 2016
2.962 3.191 3.413 3.550

In 2016, the more relevant institutions within this activity were:


Name Contribution 2016 (€)
UNESA (Spanish Electricity Industry Association) 861.861
AWEA 293.631
ELECPOR 236.076
SEDIGAS (Spanish Gas Industry Association) 150.290
WBCSD - World Business Council for Sustainable Development 86.581