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EDP’s financial debt is essentially issued at holding level (EDP S.A. and EDP Finance B.V.) through both debt capital markets (public and private) and loan markets. EDP targets a steady improvement of its free cash flow position and credit ratios over the next years.


Our investments and operations are funded in local currency to mitigate ForEx risk. EDP Brasil is ring fenced, self-funded in local currency and mostly non-recourse to EDP S.A. Other external funding is essentially of project finance, mainly raised by some of EDP Renováveis’ subsidiaries. Our US Dollar debt is fully dedicated to the funding of EDP Renováveis wind investments in US, issued at EDP S.A. and EDP Finance B.V. level and then on-lent internally. EDP’s funding strategy aims at maintaining access to diversified sources and assuring funding needs 12-24 months in advance.