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IR team contacts

The mission of the Investor Relations Department is to ensure communication with analysts and investors in Group companies, with the aim of ensuring the sustainability of EDP’s image and reputation, and to answer the information requirements of regulators and financial supervisors.

Miguel Viana
Head Office

Miguel VianaMiguel Viana joined EDP as the head of Investor Relations for EDP in 2006. Previously he worked as equity sell analyst for 12 years in several brokers such as Santander, Espirito Santo and BBVA, covering diverse sectors and companies, namely utilities and EDP in the last years. He has a degree in Economics by Nova Lisbon and a post-graduation in Corporate Finance by ISCTE.

Noélia Rocha

Sónia Pimpão joined EDP as an Investor Relations Manager in 2008. Previously she worked as equity sell side analyst for 9 years, firstly at Fincor and at Santander in the last 7 years, covering several companies of different sectors (such as utilities, pulp and paper, retail and construction). Sonia has an Economics degree by Nova Business School of Lisbon and a post-graduation in Financial Analysis by Lisbon School of Economics and Management (ISEG).

Maria João Matias joined the IR team in April 2015, having previously worked in the planning and control area of EDP's Supply Business from 2011 until 2015. Prior to joining EDP, Maria João spent three years as a corporate finance consultant at KPMG. She has a degree in Business Administration and a Masters in Finance from Nova School of Business and Economics.

João Machado joined EDP in 2009, later joining the Investor Relations Department in 2014. At EDP, he was part of the Energy Markets Business Unit for the Iberian business. In the past, he worked as a consultant at Ernst & Young. He has a degree in Economics from the Economics’ Faculty of Porto’s University and a master’s degree in International Management from ISCTE.

Sérgio Tavares started working in Investor Relations in October 2015. He joined EDP as treasury analyst in 2010. Previously, he had worked in planning and control area at CUF. Sérgio holds a master degree in Management from Nova School of Business and Economics and an Advanced Marketing program from Católica-Lisbon School of Bussines and Economics.


The primary function of the Investor Relations Department is to act as a liaison between EDP’s Executive Board of Directors and investors and the financial markets in general. As part of its normal activities, it is responsible for all information provided by the EDP Group, including privileged information and other market communications, and for publication of regular financial statements. In carrying out its duties, the department is in constant contact with investors and financial analysts, providing all the information they request, while observing the applicable legal and regulatory provisions.

EDP wishes communication with the market to take the form of objective, transparent information that is understandable to all stakeholders and financial market agents.

This is only possible with a financial reporting policy based on the transparency and consistency of information provided to investors and analysts, as has been the case.

The company has been making systematic efforts to meet the needs of investors and analysts, which is not an easy task, in view of the sector’s complexity, always with the aim of fostering ties of trust with financial agents and markets.

Therefore the main principles of EDP’s IR Policy are:

• Credibility and Reliability

• Transparency

• Consistency

• Objectivity

• Comprehensiveness and Intelligibility

• Availability and Openness

• Equal treatment