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General Shareholders' Meeting

The General Shareholders' Meeting is at the top of organization structure of the Company and has, amongst other, the following functions:

- assess the report of the executive board of directors, discuss and vote on the balance sheet, the accounts and the opinion of the statutory auditor and those of the general and supervisory board, if applicable, and resolve on the allocation of the annual results;

- elect and remove the members of the general shareholders' meeting board, of the executive board of directors and of the general and supervisory board, as well as the respective chairmen and vice-chairmen, should they exist, the statutory auditor, following a proposal of the general and supervisory board or, upon delegation by it, the members of the audit committee, and, furthermore, the members of the environment and sustainability board;

- resolve on any amendments to the articles of association, including increases of the share capital;

- appoint a remuneration committee charged with fixing the remuneration of the members of the corporate bodies, whose members should, in their majority, be independent;

- assess the annual report on the activity of the general and supervisory board.